What you need

  • A computer with Java 5 or better installed
  • A fotolibra seller account
  • The fotolibra DND program
  • A broadband connection is recommended

What you do

  • Check you have Java 5 (also known as Java 1.5) or better installed. The program is available free from http://www.java.com/
  • Download the free fotolibra DND application
  • Launch the application by double clicking on it
  • Log in to the fotolibra DND application with your existing fotolibra user name and password
  • Select the JPEG images you want to upload
  • Ensure they meet fotolibra's upload criteria as specified in the User Manual
  • Drag them to the fotolibra DND window
  • Click Upload
  • That's it!

To check your files before uploading

  • Select the JPEG images you want to upload
  • Drag them to the fotolibra DND window
  • Click Check files now
  • The application will assess every image in seconds
  • Correct the files which aren't validated
  • Click Upload validated files now

What happens

  • fotolibra DND uploads your images directly to the secure fotolibra servers
  • The fotolibra DND window lists the files you are uploading and their file sizes
  • The first bar will show the progress of each upload and the speed it's going through at — this will depend on the speed of your internet connection.
  • The second bar shows the overall upload progress of all files and the estimated time left for completion

What happens next

  • Your pictures are placed in a holding area.
  • They will not be available for sale until you have fully captioned and keyworded them
  • You have up to fourteen days in which to do this
  • PLEASE NOTE: Any pictures not captioned and keyworded after this time will be automatically deleted
  • You can upload up to one gigabyte of images in one session
  • We recommend you then close the fotolibra DND program and caption and keyword your most recent upload before launching fotolibra DND again
  • Don't forget to read carefully through the fotolibra TypoChecker suggestions when captioning and keywording
  • Once they are captioned and keyworded, images are immediately made available for sale