Collections by David Hudson

Animals - Not Wild 103 images

Photographs of domestic/farmed/captive animals

Animals - Not Wild: Mammals 108 images

Photographs of domestic/farmed/captive mammals

Animals - Wild 44 images

Wild animals in their natural environment, excluding birds and mammals

Animals - Wild: Birds 169 images

Images of wild birds

Animals - Wild: Mammals 115 images

Images of wild mammals, both land-based and marine.

Australia 137 images

Images from Eastern Australia and Tasmania, 2015-2016

Leeds Streetscapes 1 image

Misc 76 images

Miscellaneous images that don't really fit into any of the "collections".

Motorsport - Bikes and Boats 76 images

Motorcycles racing and speedboat racing images

Motorsport - Cars 183 images

Images of various car-related motorsports

Motorsport - Goodwood Festival Of Speed 62 images

Images from the 2004 and 2006 events at Goodwood

Motorsport - Race Of Champions 71 images

Images taken at the Race Of Champions events in London, England

Motorsport - Rallies 137 images

Images of various rallying events, over the years

New Zealand: North Island 26 images

Taken 2015-2016

New Zealand: South Island 85 images

Images taken 2015-2016

New Zealand: South Island - Fiordland 134 images

Oman: General 139 images

Images from visit to Oman in Oct-Nov 2007

Oman: Muscat 83 images

Images taken in/around Muscat, Oman

Oman: Nizwa 54 images

Images taken in/around Nizwa, Oman.

Oman: Salalah 74 images

Images taken in/around Salalah, Oman

Plant-life 111 images

from flowers to trees to grasses...

Re-enactments 28 images

Historic re-enactments

Russia 184 images

Images taken in Russia, July 2011

Transport 84 images

Collection of images of various forms of transport

Travel 87 images

Photographs taken from various locations around the world (excluding those areas with their own "collections").

UK: England - Lake District 164 images

Images taken around the Lake District, Cumbria, England

UK: England - Leeds 193 images

Images taken in and around the City of Leeds, in northern England.

UK: England - London 99 images

Images taken around England's capital

UK: England - Peak District 77 images

Images taken within the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, UK.

UK: England (North) 157 images

Images taken within northern England, UK, not fitting into other categories.

UK: Scotland 143 images

Images taken in Scotland, UK.

UK: Wales 93 images

Photographs from Wales.

USA: Arizona 118 images

Images taken in the U.S. state of Arizona in September 2005.

USA: California 108 images

Images taken in 2013

USA: Florida 16 images

Images taken in the U.S. state of Florida over the course of several visits.

USA: Idaho 13 images

Images taken in the US state of Idaho in 2012.

USA: Montana 76 images

Images taken in Montana, USA, in 2012.

USA: Nevada 10 images

Images taken in the US state of Nevada.

USA: Oregon 44 images

Images taken in the state of Oregon in 2013

USA: Utah 122 images

Images taken in the U.S. state of Utah in September 2005.

USA: Wyoming 154 images

Images taken in the US state of Wyoming.