Collections by Jan Traylen

1970's 1 image

Budapest, Hungary 34 images

Views of the city

Devonshire, England 164 images

Photo's taken in Devonshire

First Streetscape Collection 6 images

Flowers, Plants, Allotments, Fungi, Insects 66 images

including Lichens!

India 85 images

Some North Western states

Istanbul, Turkey 36 images

Views of the city & up the Bosphorus

London, England 82 images

Around & in London

Mah-Jong 58 images

Images for Know The Game: Mah-Jong

Mali, West Africa 42 images

Photos taken during a trip to Mali and 'The Festival in the Desert', a music festival near Timbuktu. Also West African musicians taken in UK

My First Historic Collection 7 images

Prague, Czech Republic 23 images

Photo's of the city

Prints for display collection 35 images

Grainy, atmospheric mainly black and white prints. More available for upload on request

Spain 40 images

Travels in Andalusia & Seville

The Sultan's Elephant 9 images

Extraterrestrial visit to London.

Things Observed 161 images

Buildings, general interest. Anything else that takes my fancy really.

Vineyards and viticulture 22 images

Vineyards, cellars and winemakers in europe.