Collections by Colin S Pearson

Abstract 24 images

Patterns, shapes and textures

Bristol Vistas 2 images

Photographs of Bristol from various points around the city.

Buildings & Architecture 45 images

From London, Scotland, Northern Ireland & SW England

Historic: Animals 1 image

Historic: Industry & Engines 1 image

Machinery and contraptions which are probably no longer accessible to the public in the way they once were.

Historic: Middle East 24 images

Scanned images from pictures taken on the Omani island of Masirah in 1974 and 1975

Historic: People & Portraits 2 images

Historic: Urban & Buildings 1 image

Historic: Wood-turner's Workshop 12 images

Photos scanned from 1968 Ilford FP3 negatives and 1977 Agfacolor slides, of my Father's "gloryhole" workshop.

Landscapes & Views 43 images

Sunsets, skylines, sea-scapes and silhouettes

Machinery, Industry & Engines 67 images

Steel, plastic and power

Mammals, Birds & Insects 19 images

Alive, dead and anthropomorphous

Market Places 1 image

Maybe quaint and probably cluttered, but undoubtedly British.

People & Portraits 18 images

... some loosely defined.

Skies & Flying 3 images

Things seen in the air

Stationery & Toys 3 images

Assorted desk and office items, and an occasional toy.

Weston-super-Mare 5 images

Occasional views of my adopted home town.