Collections by Linda Wright

Abstracts 15 images

Images that have been manipulated into abstract forms

Bald Eagles 90 images

Bald eagles photographed in the UK and the US

Barn Owls 58 images

European barn owls photographed at rest and in flight

Big Cats 62 images

Tiger, leopard, cheetah, lion

Creatures 125 images

Images of animals taken in the wild and in captivity

Eagles 105 images

Eagles from around the world. (Bald eagles are in a separate folder).

Egypt 40 images

Images taken in and around Cairo

Food and Drink 55 images

Anything that goes agreeably down the throat!

Horse and hound 54 images

All kinds of horses and dogs

Miscellaneous 120 images

All sorts of things

New Zealand 34 images

Some views of the North and South Island of New Zealand

Other Birds 84 images

Birds that are not raptors

Owls 223 images

Owls from around the world. (Barn Owls are in a separate folder)

Peru 19 images

Images taken at Lake Titicaca and at Machu Picchu

Plants 233 images

Flowers and other plant bits

Raptors 157 images

Kites, buzzards, hawks and the secretary bird. Some are photographed in the wild whilst others were seen in bird sanctuaries and birds of prey centres both in the UK and US

Tawny Eagles 66 images

African and Indian Tawny Eagles

Vintage 1 image

Photos rendered in a vintage style

Vultures 80 images

New World and Old World Vultures