Collections by Neil Bennett

A Lappish Winter 5 images

Frozen lakes and rivers in amongst the snow-laden pine trees, reindeer and sleigh rides, and auroras hovering over log cabins in the forests...

By the Sea 14 images

Crashing waves, unspoilt beaches and boats moored up for the night.

Ethereal Skies 30 images

Sunrise, sunset and twilight scenes over farmland, lakes and canals. Silhouetted trees and bulrushes, reflections of dramatic cloudy skies in meres and marshes...

Fauna 9 images

Waterfowl, horses, sheep and cattle

Flora & fungi 21 images

Clematis, bluebells, foxgloves and meadows of wildflowers…

Hebridean Odyssey 47 images

Scenes from Knapdale, Kintyre and the isles of Islay and Jura...

In the Country 44 images

A wide range of land types...moors, farmland, woods, lakes and a country lane.

River Scenes 18 images

Waterfalls and weirs.

Townscapes & industry 9 images

This section focuses on the oil refinery, chemical works and power stations around the River Mersey in North Cheshire. There is also a view of the Liverpool skyline.