Collections by Kim Comber

Barcelona, Spain 6 images

Images from the City of Gaudi

Bearded Collies 23 images

Pictures of the Bearded Collie

Black&White 7 images

Various pictures in Black & White

Brighton Bandstand 12 images

A collection of pictures showing the Brighton Bandstand in all it's renovated glory.

Brighton Eye 17 images

Pictures of the iconic Brighton Eye

Brighton Pavilion, UK 17 images

Pictures of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Brighton, Sussex, UK 67 images

Pictures of Brighton, England

Brighton's West Pier 21 images

Pictures of the iconic West Pier from the past & present

Brno, Czech Republic 7 images

Pictures from Brno, Czech Republic

Budapest, Hungary 20 images

Pictures from the cities of Buda & Pest

CornWall, UK 2 images

A collection of pictures from Devon & Cornwall

English WindMills 3 images

Pictures of the Jack & Jill Windmills overlooking Hassocks on the South Downs.

Greece & the Greek Islands 13 images

Pictures from the Greek Islands

Istanbul, Turkey 3 images

Pictures from Istanbul

Kenya, Africa 4 images

Images of Africa

London Eye 8 images

Pictures of the London Eye

Moscow, Russia 15 images

Pictures of the Kremlin and St. Basilius

New York, NY 1 image

Pictures from the city that never sleeps

Prague, Czech Republic 23 images

Pictures from the Capital of the Czech Republic

Sussex, UK 6 images

Pictures from the County of Sussex

Switzerland 6 images

Pictures from Switzerland

Trieste, Italy 2 images

Tuscany, Italy 58 images

An assortment of pictures from the different towns & villages in this part of Italy

Venice, Italy 2 images

Pictures of Venice from Winter 2005