Collections by Mike Soames

Clouds and sunsets 27 images

Cornwall seemes to be in a fantastic position for the clouds, they come in from the ocean after being undisturbed for thousands of miles and have no land masses to spoil them there are two camera's i have used one is my trusty old Kodak dx6490 and the other is a nikon coolpix 8400

Cornish Coast 22 images

These photos were taken on various dates throughout the summer of 2005. They are of the coast around St Austell bay. The camara used was a Kodak DX6490.

Eden Plant Life 13 images

As you more than likely know the Eden Project contains plants and flowers. This collection is full of them, most are macro shots taken with my Kodak DX6490

Mike's free collection 5 images

Here is a collection to which you can add your first set of images.

Signs 9 images

This collection is of signs I have found on my travels around cornwall. Some are common and others not so common, some are onl and some are new.

SuperMoto 2005 16 images

These pics where taken in August at a SuperMoto meet in Cornwall. The weather was overcast and it had not long back been raining. All pics were taken on a Kodak DX6490 and converted to raw in Photoshop. hope you enjoy, Mike

The Eden Project 9 images

Well as I live close to it and have a passport to get in whenever I want then I might as well hey?

Water 2 images

Pictures of various bodies of water be it the see or a glass

Winter in St Austell 6 images

Well they said we would never get snow in Cornwall as we have two coastlines, something about the salty air. So how did this happen? and it managed to stop Cornwall for a day.