Collections by Bernard O'Kane

Afghanistan 21 images

landscapes, people, art

Asia general 3 images

people places

Central Asia 4 images

landscapes, people

China 10 images

People, architecture

Egypt 62 images

Monuments, people, landscapes,

Europe general 47 images

people places

Iran 18 images

architecture, people, landscape, lifestyle

Ireland 51 images

landscapes, buildings

Islamic Architecture 123 images

monuments from Spain to India

Japan 9 images

people, architecture, landscapes

Libya 11 images

Classical architecture

Middle East Pre-Islamic architecture 3 images

My First Historic Collection 1 image

North America 74 images

Landscape, wildlife, people, buildings

People 89 images

portraits, lifestyle, candids

Tanzania 4 images

Safari, Zanzibar

Turkmenistan 6 images

people and markets

Yemen 2 images