Collections by David Amis

Branching out 3 images

Basically, anything to do with trees.

Documentary 3 images

Documenting the troubled times we live in...

Flora 1 image

The beauty of flowers...

Life in London 9 images

Images shot while out and about in London...

Life in the 'burbs 2 images

Various aspects of life in the suburbs.

Off the board 2 images

An exploration of modern architecture.

On the rails 4 images

Images taken while traveling by train.

On the shore 21 images

A range of images from where the land meets the sea.

Out in the country 7 images

Fields, woods and marshes.

Past times 5 images

Vernacular architecture and fortifications.

Places of worship 9 images

Exteriors and occasionally, some interiors as well.

Textures and patterns 12 images

An eclectic mixture of textures and patterns that can be used for a variety of creative purposes.