Collections by David Amis

Branching out 3 images

Basically, anything to do with trees.

Documentary 3 images

Documenting the troubled times we live in...

Feel the power 4 images

Basically, these are images of pylons in all of their glory.

Flora 1 image

The beauty of flowers...

Life in London 10 images

Images shot while out and about in London...

Life in the 'burbs 2 images

Various aspects of life in the suburbs.

Off the board 3 images

An exploration of modern architecture.

On the rails 5 images

Images taken while traveling by train.

On the shore 23 images

A range of images from where the land meets the sea.

Out in the country 9 images

Fields, woods and marshes.

Past times 5 images

Vernacular architecture and fortifications.

Places of worship 10 images

Exteriors and occasionally, some interiors as well.

Textures and patterns 11 images

An eclectic mixture of textures and patterns that can be used for a variety of creative purposes.