Collections by John Amoore

Abstract 62 images

Abstract artistic photographs, including digital manipulations.

Ayrshire 99 images

Countryside, villages and towns in Ayrshire

beach and coast 35 images

beach scenes, including sea, sand and sky, coastline

birds and animals 14 images

Birds and animals and other living things

Cape 18 images

Cape Town and environment

Castles 43 images

Internal and external photographs of castles

chimney 18 images

Chimney pots on roof tops, often unseen. Not as common on new houses, less often with smoke. Often plane and simple, sometimes decorative

Edinburgh Festival 100 images

Street festival during the annual Edinburgh Festival in August

Edinburgh Scotland 153 images

Photographs of buildings, views, people, events and skies in and around Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh views 13 images

Views of the city of Edinburgh

England 45 images

City, towns and countryside

Europe 29 images

various continental European countries

First Streetscape Collection 94 images

Flowers 76 images

Flowers including individual flowers and gardens

General 81 images

A variety of different topics

Germany 8 images

Cities and countryside

Lamp posts 69 images

Lamp posts in various settings

Lamps Edinburgh 86 images

street lights and lamps in Edinburgh

Landscapes 39 images

Lakes, mountains, countryside

Life style 109 images

Walking, sitting, enjoying the sun.

Monuments and statues 84 images

Monuments and statues, recognising, remembering and learning from the past

murals 2 images

paintings on walls, new and old

Parks and gardens 53 images

Places of colour, peace, tranquility and relaxation

Porto 17 images

Porto, or Oporto, and the neighbouring town of Gaia on the banks of the River Douro in Portugal. Famed for its Port, but also for the World Heritage Site.

Princes street gardens 46 images

Between the ridge of the High Street and the Georgian New Town, Edinburgh's Princes Street gardens is a place to relax, a place of festivities and fun. Created in the mid 19th century from the former (man-made) Nor Loch, it is divided into two by the Mound, the great earthen mound created during the construction of the New Town and which, with the North Brigde, links the Old and New Towns

railway 21 images

Railway and railway track and trains

Scotland 18 images

various parts of Scotland

sheep 7 images

sheep and lambs

Sky 71 images

Sunrises, sunsets, clouds, interesting skies.

Slovenia 8 images

landscapes and cities in Slovenia

Spain 3 images


Sport 14 images

fishing; water sports including sailing and jet ski, golf and other sports

Street theatre 8 images

Street theatre at Edinburgh' Fringe Festival

Transport vessels 4 images

water vehicles, road vehicles, trains, air vehicles

Trees 16 images

Trees in different seasons, with and without people

Walking paths 40 images

paths for walking, mainly in countryside, often tree-lined paths

Water 35 images

flowing and still water, reflections in water, streams and rivers, seas and waves

Windows and doors 7 images

windows and doors. openings and closings into houses and buildings