Collections by Ruth Bradford-Harris

America: Geology & Landscape 12 images

Yosemite National Park. Mountains. Sites of geological interest.

Art Nouveau architecture & architectural details 34 images

Edwardian & Art Nouveau architecture. Buildings & architectural details. Decorative ironwork.

Art Nouveau graphic designs & illustrations 50 images

Original watercolour designs for wallpaper, borders and fabric, ceramic tiles and stained glass. Art Nouveau book bindings & illustrations. From originals in my own collection.

Art Nouveau stained glass 31 images

Edwardian & Art Nouveau stained glass. Stained glass repair & restoration.

Art Nouveau tiles & ceramics 57 images

Antique Art Nouveau tiles, tile panels & tiled fireplaces (c.1900-1910). Wall tiles, washstand tiles &, fireplace tiles. Repair & restoration of antique tiles and tiled fireplaces.

Autumn Colour 46 images

A selection of my colourful images of Autumn leaves, Fall foliage - the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Bees, Butterflies & Dragonflies 32 images

Studies of insect visitors on flowers, in gardens and in wild places.

Bluebell woods 34 images

British woodlands ablaze with bluebells in the Spring.

Botanical subjects - Blue, Indigo, Violet 44 images

A small selection of my plant portraits and botanical studies in these colours.

Botanical subjects - Green, White & Silver 26 images

A small selection of my plant portraits and botanical studies in these colours.

Botanical subjects - Pink, Magenta, Purple 24 images

A small selection of my plant portraits and botanical studies in these colours.

Botanical subjects - Red, Plum, Black 32 images

A small selection of my plant portraits and botanical studies in these colours.

Botanical subjects - Yellow, Orange, Brown 32 images

A small selection of my plant portraits and botanical studies in these colours.

Canals & Narrowboats 27 images

British canals & navigations, waterways, locks and narrowboats.

Chalk Downlands & Monuments of Wiltshire 67 images

Chalk downland landscapes, white horse hill figures & Neolithic monuments.

Cliff-top Wildflowers 38 images

Native British wildflowers growing at altitude on cliff tops and at the bases of cliffs.

Cumbrian Fells (Lake District) 36 images

Mountains & fells of Cumbria. Lake District geology & scenery. Ancient sites.

Dorset coast 24 images

Chalk cliffs, sea stacks & caves. Coves, arches and cliffs in Portland Limestone. Dorset Coast Path.

Edinburgh: Geology, Astronomy & Heritage 87 images

Scenic sites of geological significance and astronomical heritage in Edinburgh.

Elizabethan & Jacobean architecture 33 images

Vernacular stone, timber-framed and red brick buildings from the Tudor & Stuart eras.

Fields & farming 35 images

Agricultural fields, arable crops, traditional patterns of land use.

Frost, Snow & Ice 16 images

A selection of my images of frost crystals, gardens & plants in winter and snowy scenes.

Fruits & Nuts 29 images

Studies of apples, grapes, figs, berries, rose hips and unusual fruits.

Fungi 8 images

Mushrooms and toadstools in woodlands, meadows and gardens. Bracket fungus on trees.

Gardens - Formal 89 images

Traditional gardens. English gardens. Country house gardens. Formal and geometric designs, topiary, knot gardens and mazes.

Gardens - Informal 103 images

English gardens. Cottage gardens, country gardens, romantic planting, garden borders & rustic features.

Gothic architecture 191 images

A small selection of my images of Gothic cathedrals, abbeys and ruins.

Isle of Arran: Geology & Landscape 24 images

Arran Mountains, high-level ridges, tors, dykes, sills. Inland & coastal geology

Isle of Jura: Geology & Landscape 7 images

mountains, raised beaches, sea stacks, natural arches, caves. Inland and coastal geology of Jura.

Kitchenalia - Victorian & Edwardian kitchen 37 images

Antique, decorative copper moulds & tins, ceramic moulds, wooden shortbread moulds, pastry cutters, mixing bowls, rolling pins, cast iron scales & other kitchenalia collectables.

Limestone landscapes 43 images

Limestone scenery (karst topography), glacial landscapes. Scars, cliffs, gorges, dry valleys, waterfalls, potholes, caves. SEE ALSO: Limestone Pavements & Glacial Erratics gallery.

Limestone Pavements & Glacial Erratics 98 images

Limestone pavements & glacial erratic boulders of North Yorkshire and South Cumbria.

Mills, Factories, Mining & Industrial Heritage 62 images

Watermills, windmills, weirs, period factories and industrial buildings. Mines and mining heritage.

Norman & Romanesque architecture 36 images

Early vernacular stone abbeys, churches and ruins in Britain. Medieval wall paintings.

Opening Buds & Unfurling Leaves 36 images

Emerging leaves and flowers of native and garden trees & shrubs in detail.

Orchards & Vineyards 25 images

Traditional orchards and vineyards, commercial and heritage fruit growing.

Railway Architecture & Heritage 29 images

The built heritage of Britain's railways including viaducts and station buildings.

Raindrops 37 images

Droplets of rain on leaves, flowers and fruit in close-up, showing interesting perfect and distorted reflections.

Rivers, Ponds, Springs & Wells 35 images

Rivers & riverbanks, freshwater springs, ponds, reflections, wells & well-heads.

Ruth Bradford-Harris's streetscape collection 34 images

Vernacular British architecture in towns and villages. Period shop fronts, commercial & domestic buildings.

Somerset Levels & Lincolnshire Fens 14 images

Spring Blossom 23 images

Apple, cherry and other orchard trees in flower.

Stone Barns, Dovecotes & Lock-ups 36 images

Stone field barns, monastic and tithe barns, stone dovecotes, market halls & village lock-ups. See also my 'Yorkshire Dales' gallery.

The Cotswolds 118 images

Honey-coloured vernacular stone architecture, country cottages and villages of this glorious region.

Victorian Gothic architecture 35 images

Victorian Gothic Revival buildings & external architectural details.

Victorian Gothic interiors & details 37 images

Victorian Gothic Revival interiors. Tiled floors, stained glass, painted ceilings, fixtures & fittings.

Wildflower Meadows 30 images

Wildflower meadows, flowery meads, traditional hay meadows and native wildflower plantings.

Wildflowers of fields & meadows 21 images

Studies of native wildflowers of corn fields, prairies and hay meadows.

Woodland Wildflowers 40 images

Studies of native British wildflowers of the woods.

Woods & Trees 34 images

Ancient woodland, managed woodland, coppicing, pollarding.

Yorkshire Dales & Three Peaks 67 images

Dales landscapes, dry stone walls, vernacular stone field barns, clapper bridges, Dales sheep, caves and waterfalls.