Collections by Stephen McAdam

Aircraft 17 images

A variety of aircraft both historic and modern

Animals 96 images

Animals of any genus

Buildings, Structures & Statues 478 images

A variety of structures from around the world

Events 9 images

Any kind of event in which people participate

Food and drink 1 image

Any kind of food and drink in a variety of presentations

Industry 23 images

Views of factories, working environments, people at work.

Landscape 311 images

Views of all kinds of terrain in a variety of atmospheric conditions

Leisure & Tourism 77 images

People relaxing and having fun in various tourist locations. Views of popular places throughout the World.

Plants 12 images

Flowers,shrubs and trees

Querky 29 images

Odd photographs hard to categorize

The sea and boats 89 images

Seascapes, coastal scenes and shipping

Transport 58 images

All kinds of commercial and private transport from anywhere.