Collections by Imagio

A collection of Ships, Docks and Bridges 60 images

a collection of images taken, showing bridges,historic warships, a german uboat, from the sea bed, fishing vessels, yachts

Abstract Art, Surrealism & Painting 24 images

A collection of generated photo abstract art and paintings plus buildings and architecture

Advertising Posters and signs 17 images

A selection of advertising posters and signs and old newspapers, from 1800s on

Aircraft 17 images

A selection of Microlight aircraft

Animals and wildlife 69 images

A collection of animals and endangered species.

Birds of Prey 33 images

Collection of hunting birds, Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Vultures, Owls, Buzzards

BLAKRIME Villianess 18 images

Women who murder, various weapons used

Dogs and cats 15 images

A collection of different breeds of dogs and cats

Elderly People 58 images

In colour and black and white, digital, E6 positive, c41 negative, from 35mm to 10 X 8, any filesize supplied, fit and disabled elderly people from the 70s to present day

fireworks 12 images

A collection of images with fireworks and bonfires, more fireworks can be found in the Venice collection

First Streetscape Collection 32 images

flowers, plants, 128 images

a selection of flowers, plants

Food and Drink old and new 53 images

A Collection of images on food, fruit, vegetables,bread, Drink, plus a collection of old cookers, 1920s to 1940s

Hesafe 8 images

public health and safety in a childcare environment

Industrial Architecture/workforce trades 125 images

Industrial Architecture Past and present, Plus a view of different trades of the industrial workforce,Advertising, Commercial,

Interiors 56 images

A selection of interiors in colour and black and white any file size supplied.

jetski water sports 10 images

a collection of jetskis

liverpool 100 images

architecture, Modern and Classical Architecture Art, Sculpture

Paris 31 images

A selection of views and Architecture of Paris

People from Victorian to present day 243 images

People Clothes Hair Design, Teenagers through the years,People. Adults, Children, Interior Design from Victorian to present day

Port Sunlight Village and Thornton Hough 34 images

This is a collection of art, architecture and sculptors contained on the late Lord Leverhume's estate which he created for the people who worked for him at his factory in Port Sunlight, called lever bros . Also Thornton Hough.

Railways and Motorcycles 43 images

A collection of Trains,and Railway Buildings,old and new, a collection of motor bikes, old and new, both from the 1960s to the present day

Rock Bands & Musicians 43 images

A collection of images of rock bands & musicians taken in colour and black and white

Rome Italy 139 images

History Art And Archeology of the Eternal City Rome

Rural, Urban and Coastal Landscapes 241 images

Landscapes, Rural, Urban,Colour, Black and White, Buildings,Trees, Grass, Leaves,Coastal Plants,Traffic,Clouds, Smoke, Power,

Scarecrows 62 images

Every year Thornton Hough on the Wirral holds a Scarecrow Festival,

Social Documentay 93 images

A collection of documentary images taken since 1985.

Still Life 69 images

Still Life involving Pottery, Buildings, Jewellery,cigarette butts, soap, etc

Venezia Italy 53 images

Images of Venice and other regions in Italy, including August firework celebration

Vintage and classic cars, Buses, Trams, And Trucks 173 images

A Collection of Vintage and classic vehicles.

Vintage Cars 50 images

Scanned Images of Vintage cars from the 20s and 30s, Advertising