Collections by Amoret Tanner Collection

40Paris 13 images

A collection of images for the '40Paris' commission.

Animals and birds 18 images

Birds, beasts, working and pets; dogs, cats and horses. Advertisements, greeting cards, 19th century colour plates

Childhood ephemera 52 images

Babies, infants, schoolchildren, toys,schools, education

Christmas 1800-1950 76 images

Greeting cards, writing paper, catalogues, food, drink,Victorian die cut scraps. See also Entertainment for crackers.

Circus 23 images

Advertisements, tickets, menus, Victorian die cut scraps, programmes, performing animals from 1840s

Collectables 38 images

Printed ephemera collectables including postcards, bookmarks, scent cards, whist markers etc

Domestic ephemera 78 images

Household goods, advertisements, bills, catalogues

Entertainment ephemera 93 images

Crackers, fireworks, jubilees

Fashion ephemera 74 images

Clothes for men, women, children and babies: price lists, advertisements,bills and labels from 1800

Florence 7 images

Images of Florence

Food and drink ephemera 67 images

Bills, menus, labels, trade cards, advertisements

Gardening ephemera 50 images

Seed catalogues, advertisements, tools and price lists from 1750

Military and war ephemera 49 images

Militia, Crimea War, Boer War, World War 1 and 2. Songs, forms, Home Front, advertisements, rationing

People and Personalities 46 images

Workers, professions,notables

Punch and Judy puppets 11 images

Puppets and marionettes from 1823, Punch and Judy in advertising, Victorian die cut scraps,on 19th century greeting cards

Reading, writing, books 1750-1950 15 images

Quill pens, slates, typewriters, blotting paper; public and private libraries. Book and magazine publicity. See also ex libris, bookmarks

Royalty from 1750 18 images

Fashion plates, Coronations, souvenirs, menus,advertisements

Sporting ephemera 66 images

Rural sports, water and winter sports, advertisements, programmes

Travel, transport & tourism ephemera 184 images

Hotel labels, brochures, tickets, advertisements from velocipedes and stage coach travel to Concorde from 1800

Valentines 1750-1950 49 images

Valentine greeting cards 1780-1950. Love tokens. Telegrams. 19th century die cut scraps and love mottoes.

Victorian albums 33 images

Scrap albums, Crest albums, Photograph albums; Album frontispieces, chromolithographed diecut scraps, cartes-de-visite. See also Christmas, Circus, Sport,Royalty, Valentines

Wedding ephemera from 1800 72 images

Invitations, menus, certificates, fashion plates, photographs