Collections by Andy Coleman

Abstract & Altered Image 35 images

A different perspective, strange angles & some manipulation

Ancient Places 31 images

Prehistoric stone circles, medieval castles, monuments & landmarks.

Animals & People 57 images

Various shots of people & animals

Coast 77 images

Photographs of the British coastline.

Fractal Images 8 images

Pictures that have been created using Fractal software.

Landscape Photography 151 images

Aspects of British landscapes & places by Andy Coleman.

Los Angeles 35 images

Pictures from a trip to California in 2008.

My First Historic Collection 14 images

Panoramic 23 images

Shots that have a panoramic format.

Pictures in Wood 2 images

I have made these pictures through a process of inlaying many sections of wood veneer. This is known as Marquetry. Feel free to use them for illustration purposes or whatever.

Visual Metaphors 2 images

Visual representations of Proverbs and sayings/idioms.

Weird & Bizarre 4 images