Collections by Danny Callcut

2015 Calendars 24 images

Monthly calendar pages for 2015

Archaeological Dig 11 images

Roman archaeological site at Silchester, Berkshire, England, GB, UK.

Banks and Finance 74 images

UK High Street banks and loan companies

Community Hub 28 images

Village shop/cafe in a functioning Parish church in semi-rural Berkshire helps to revitalise the community.

Denmark 69 images

Architecture and Travel shots in Denmark.

Education 39 images

Schools, colleges, etc.

Figueres, Spain 5 images

Town of Figueres, Spain

France 80 images

General collection of subjects from France

Health 86 images

GPs, Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacies

Housing 96 images

Housing in the South of England: new builds; rental; estate agents; derelict etc.

Indoor Climbing Wall 18 images

Indoor Climbing Wall

Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal 28 images

Canal boats, bridges, locks, towpaths on the 'Mon & Brec' canal in South Wales

Oxford 16 images

Town and University of Oxford

Plants, Flowers and Trees 107 images

Plants, Flowers and Trees (predominantly in England), natural and cultivated. Examples from a variety of locations in all seasons.

Pubs, Restaurants & Cafes 93 images

English and Welsh public houses, cafes and restaurants

Religion 51 images

UK Religious Centres: churches, temples, mosques, memorials, etc.

Reptiles & Amphibians 16 images

Exotic reptiles & amphibians shot in the studio (frogs, toads, lizards, snakes + insects)

Retail 275 images

Supermarkets & other retail outlets in the UK

Stock Photography by Danny Callcut 731 images

General collection of rights-managed stock photography.

Street Life 109 images

Street signs, traffic, public amenities, etc. Anything that might be found on, in or nearby a public thoroughfare or parkland.

Streetscapes 5 images

Streetscape images: towns and cities.

Studio 23 images

Products and food shot in a studio setting

Transport & Travel 271 images

Buses, trains, roads, waterways, vehicles, locations