Collections by Estelle Jobson

Bits and pieces from travels far and wide 17 images

Etruscan ruins in Vulci, Italy 16 images

The Etruscan Museum at the mediaeval castle, Badia Castle/Castello della Badia, next to the Badia Bridge/Ponte della Badia (also known as 'Devil's Bridge'), and Etruscan ruins of Vulci (or Volci) in the Naturalistic Archaeological Park of Vulci.

Etruscan tombs, Cerveteri, Italy 8 images

Over 1,000 Etruscan tombs at Cerveteri. The Necropoli della Banditaccia has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

Flea market odds and ends, Porta Portese, Roma 12 images

Bric-a-brac, used goods, second-hand toys, obsolete coins, treasures and trash to be found at a flea market.

Food and groceries in Italy 7 images

Fresh market produce, Italian delis and delicacies, cheese, sausages, freshly-caught fish, local specialities; prosciutto... yum!

Italian countryside 10 images

olive trees, countryside, and pretty spots

Nuragic ruins, temples and necropoli, Sardinia 8 images

Nuragic ruins, in Sardinia. Including Bronze Age temple, Temple of Malchittu, near Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia.

Olives and olive oil galore, Autumn in Italy 26 images

Olive harvesting, sorting, pressing, milling and olive oil tasting, in Lazio, near Rome, Italy. Photos from an organic farm.

Roman & Etruscan ruins, Tuscany 16 images

Archaeological sight-seeing: Roman amphitheatre and thermal bath ruins, Etruscan temple, mediaeval tower, set in Tuscan countryside, Fiesole, Italy.