Collections by Alastair Bell

Animals, birds, plants and Wildlife 26 images

Boats and Maritime 20 images

A collection for images of boats, maritime objects and other miscellaneous objects relating to life on the water.

Bridges 11 images

Miscellaneous images of Bridges

First Streetscape Collection 6 images

Florals 11 images

Flowers and plants

Odds and Ends 7 images

Images which don't fit anywhere else! Manipulations, abstracts, stock images and fantasy or impossible images. Intrigued??? Take a look!

People 6 images

Shots of people doing stuff....

Ruins and Historic Buildings 18 images

Historic buildings and ruins of England ,Wales and Scotland

Sports and Action 21 images

A collection of action and sports shots from various activities

The Landscape collection 79 images

This collection is comprised of Landscapes predominently in the North West of England.