Collections by moris kushelevitch

acqueduct ,Nahariyya 10 images

acqueduct running from the foothills of Lebanon to Akko

Acre,Akko,,st jean d acre 115 images

Ancient biblical roman,jewish,mameluk,abbasid, crusader,ottoman,british and finally israeli city

Agemon Nature reserve 66 images

Bird Sanctuary in the northern end of the Great Rift Valley

Arsuf 32 images

Crusader castle and village north of tel aviv on the coast

Avdat ,Nabatean city 22 images

ruins of Avdat or Ovdat a nabatean city near Sde Boker in Negev desert Israel

Bahai shrines 23 images

Shrines of the Bahai faith in Haifa and Acre(Akko)

Baneas 21 images

Source of the River Jordan and temple to the god Pan

Baram 31 images

ancient synagogue Upper Galilee Israel

Beit Shean (Beth Shean,Beisan) 91 images

ancient city from 2nd millenium BC Roman Byzantine city

Belvoir 30 images

Crusader fortress overlooking the Jordan River Valley

bet shearim 32 images

ancient necropolis datindg from 1st century B.C.or the time of King Herod

Canadien Rockies,Alberta 94 images

between Banff and Jasper

Capernaum 70 images

Kfar Nahum early Jewish Synagogue at the foot of the mount of Beatitudes

Carmel Hills 8 images

Hills along the Mediterranean Shoreline of Israel, Caves and towns

Castel Peregrinorum Athlit 5 images

Crusader castle and port south of Haifa

ceasarea 95 images

the ancient city of ceasarea ,largest roman city in the area .later a crusader fortress and port

Dalyat el Carmel 6 images

ethnically Druse village in the Carmel Mts Israel

Dead Sea 43 images

lowest point on earth

Eilat,Israel 79 images

southernmost port of Israel,year round holiday resort

Ein Hod 37 images

Artists Village overlooking the Mediterranean , central Israel

Emek Hefer 27 images

Central Israel, agriculture ,wildlife and people

First Streetscape Collection 1 image

flora and fauna 221 images

flowers animals ,bird life etc..

France 3 images

images of France

Galilee Views 9 images

Views of the Galilee

Germany 5 images

varied images

Gezer 49 images

Solomonic city of the Bible

golan heights 26 images

golan heights overlooking the sea of galilee

Guatemala 160 images

Images from Guatemala , Central America

Herodion 33 images

Herod the Great's palace and fortress in Judea

Holland 9 images

general images

jerusalem 257 images

capital of Israel ,center of religious be;iefs for Jews Christians and Muslems

Judean desert 76 images

province of Judea ,Jerusalem to the Negev desert,bordering the Dead Sea on the west

Kingdom of Jordan 25 images

port of Aqaba,Wadi Ruhm,Petra

Korazim 41 images

Ancient Jewish settlement and synagogue overlooking the sea of Galilee

Lod ,Lydda , Israel 37 images

Birthplace and burial site of St George

Mamshit 49 images

Nabatean city in the negev desert

Maresha , Bet Guvrin 44 images

ancient site dating to the first Temple

Masada 49 images

desert palace and fortress

Mea Shearim 143 images

Orthodox Jewish community neighberhood in Jerusalem

Meron ,upper Galilee 104 images

site of pilgrimage for followers of Kabbalah,

Montfort (Starkenberg) 22 images

crusader fortress in the upper galilee Israel

Mt of Beautitudes ,Galilee Israel 32 images

site of the"Sermon on the Mount"Franciscan Monastery and Hospice

Mt Tabor,galilee Israel 13 images

site of the transfiguration ,church and relics

Nazareth upper Galilee 65 images

Views of Nazareth, church of the Anunciation and synagogue\church

Negev desert Israel 85 images

Dry arid beautiful

Petra ,Royal Kingdom Of Jordan 87 images

Nabatean wonder of the world

Qa'alat Nimrod 32 images

Mameluke fortress in the foothills of Mt Hermon

Qumran 18 images

Essene Village along the Dead Sea , Probable scribes who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls

Rameh Upper Galilee 26 images

Arab Village in Upper Galilee , Druze ,Muslim , And Christian

Ramleh ,Israel 55 images

Jewish and Moslem city

Safed Upper Galilee Israel 9 images

City in Upper Galilee known for its Mystic Traditions

Sea of galilee 15 images

various views of the sea of galilee

Tel Aviv 186 images

Largest urban center of Israel on the mediterranean

Tel Hazor 40 images

national park,upper galilee,.biblical city

tel megiddo 41 images

archeological excavation,armageddon

temp 1 image

temporary for photocalls

The Alexander River 17 images

A River in the Sharon plain , Israel. a wildlife reserve

the river jordan 7 images

The jordan river as seen from Israel

Tiberias 23 images

city on the Sea of galilee

Timna National Park Israel 53 images

Ancient copper Mines

U.S.A. 61 images

views of the united States

Venice 6 images

Images from Venice

Yehiam 21 images

Crusader fortress Upper Galilee Israel

Yeruham 23 images

Developement town in the Negev Desert ,Israel

Zippori National Park Israel 26 images

Roman,Byzantine,Crusader Ruins and remains

Zychron Yaakov 1 image

Israeli town established early in the 20th cent. by the Baron Rothschild