Collections by Ed Zirkle

4th July Washington DC 10 images

Agriculture 9 images

crops, plants and farming

Animals 14 images

Dogs, cats, birds and such...

Beachy 4 images

all things on and around the beach...

Faded Light 7 images

series of images on objects along the roadside abandoned

Flowers 10 images

pretty petaled images

Fruits and Veggies 25 images

good looking and good for you...

Gardens 7 images

Gardens in the Cape Fear area, Wilmington, NC, USA

Industrial 1 image

IntraCoastal Water 2 images

IntraCoastal Waterway in the North Carolina, USA area...

LMT 15 images

Little Man Tate this is a collection of images in the life of a Maltese dog named Tate... we own the dog so no issues with releases...

Miss USA 1 image

My First Historic Collection 1 image

Nautical 1 image

all the fun stuff around ships and boats...

Panoramics 6 images

fun wide images...

Patriotic US 3 images

Rich and Famous 1 image

Rock & Roll 2 images

fun times of the 60' and 70's...

Special Plants 17 images

poison, carnivorous

Statue of Liberty 3 images

images I've made of the Statue of Liberty in the mid-80's while it was refurbished and the official reopening

Weather 25 images

hurricans, lighting, rainbows, clouds and foggy mornings...

World Trade Towers 7 images

images I've made of lower Manhattan to include the Twin Towers during the 80"s