Collections by David Johnson

American Motors 82 images

Bling chrome and fins.

Art and Sculpture 271 images

Pictures, Art, Sculpture and Statues.

Blackpool 240 images

On the North West Coast of England, home of the Illuminations and premier League Blackpool FC.

Classic Cars and Vans 41 images

Iconic, Nostalgic, classic motor vehicles.

Coast. 415 images

Beaches,Sea, sand and Promenades.

David Johnson's first collection 137 images

Here is a collection to which you can add your first set of images.

Derbyshire 101 images

Images from in and around the Peak National Park

Digital Art 43 images

A collection of Photographic Digital Artworks.

Food and Cookery 53 images

Food, drink and cookery collection.

Glasgow. 89 images

In and around the City of Glasgow

Greater Manchester 88 images

New images from Manchester and it's surroundings.

Hand Held Long Exposures. 156 images

Hand held daylight and evening long exposures.

Handicrafts 21 images

Craft work, making things from scratch. material, woodworking any and every kind of craft.

Lancashire 17 images

Images from around Lancashire England.

Lensbaby 97 images

Images created using a Lensbaby composer and various lens attachments

Liverpool 229 images

Images from in and around Liverpool.

Macro 225 images

Close-up and Close too. The World of Small.

Manchester 826 images

Views in and around the City of Manchester

Manchester Streetscapes. 18 images

In and around Manchester

Monochrome 134 images

Maybe a touch or tint of a colour but mostly Black and White.

Mother Nature 254 images

Plants, trees, Seeds, fungi, theyre all in here

Newcastle & Gateshead 46 images

Views from around the River Tyne.

Northumberland 96 images

Northumbrian Images, Coastlines, Castles and landscapes.

Photoshop 174 images

Images created from Photos.

Pole Dancers 48 images

Studio shoot of a group of Pole dancing tutors.

Salford 103 images

Part of Greater Manchester, Salford has its own unique identity

Scotland 523 images

Images from around Scotland

Southport 45 images

Tourism and fresh air on the North west Coast.

Spa Treatments 23 images

manicure, pedicure, massage being looked after.

Square 45 images

All square, looking through the square window...square.....

Street Photography 57 images

British Public out in the open

Street Tags and Grafitti 45 images

How the City is touched and Changed by the people who live there.

Teeside 37 images

Views from Middlesborough and the East Coast

Wedding Details 26 images

Images suitable for Wedding sites.

Winter 46 images

Snow, frost, Ice and what the weather does to everything at this time of year.

Yorkshire 248 images

Photographs from across the 3 Ridings.