Collections by JOHN CLEARE

Africa 61 images

Places, people, mountains and deserts from the African continent.

Esoteric images 20 images

Esoteric, allegorical and poetic images, many in monochrome and originally shot to illustrate Japanese Haiku

Follies, Monument & Curiosities 182 images

Follies, monuments, antiquities, castles, curiosities and oddities

Himalaya 63 images

Himalayan + Karakoram countries, mountains and mountaineering including Mount Everest

JOHN CLEARE's first collection 825 images

Here is a collection to which you can add your first set of images.

My First Historic Collection 135 images

North and South America 48 images

Places, people, mountains and other images from the New World

Polar regions 23 images

The Arctic and Antarctic - landscapes, places and people