Collections by Adam Lee

Argentina 53 images

The people and places of Argentina

Bolivia 83 images

The People and Landscapes of Bolivia. From La Paz to The Deserts of the South West, to the Mountians of the Cordillera Apolobamba

Ecuador 45 images

Images from Ecuador: The People and Places of Quito and the Central Highlands

Gigs 10 images

Images of bands gigging

Guatemala 35 images

Images of Guatemala: the People and Places

Honduras 31 images

Images from the Mosquito Coast of Honduras: a jungle wilderness on the Caribbean Coast, sparsely populated and little visited by outsiders

Peru 133 images

Images from Peru: the People, Places and Buildings of Lima, Cuzco, Iquitos, the Andes, the Jungle and the Rivers

Power Plant 5 images

A selection of images from Power Plant, a sound and light installation at Liverpool's Calderstones Park.