Collections by Glinda Shipley

24 deserts 20 images

24 images of deserts in the American Southwest.

24 memory 14 images

24 images of battlefields and points of conflict in Europe and North America as they look today.

24 missions 11 images

24 images of Spanish colonial missions to the American Southwest, from Texas to California.

24 walls 18 images

24 images of walls in all shapes, sizes, seasons, and purposes.

america 139 images

travel images from the united states and mexico

angst 70 images

things fall apart on all kinds of levels

beaches 40 images

images of california beach life

benelux 66 images

travel images from the low countries

broken 11 images

studio images and concepts using broken glass

busy 25 images

quirky model-released photos of people working in unusual places

deserts 88 images

photographs from death valley, anza-borrego, coronado national forest, zion canyon, and other american deserts

harbors 27 images

images from working harbors in europe and north america

italy 13 images

travel images from italy

memory 48 images

long forgotten battlefields as we find them today

people 42 images

model-released portrait work both in and out of the studio

ruins 43 images

ancient and modern ruins, religious and otherwise

statuary 27 images

mostly old, mostly odd relics from the world of sculpture in the public domain