Collections by Jeff Veevers

America 16 images

New Orleans, the city of Jazz

Antigua 33 images

Popular destinations in this beautiful country

Borneo 41 images

Highlights of a country steeped in interest.

Borneo Nature 35 images

Monkey's. fungi and plants

France 10 images

France, France, France beautiful France

GeordiePics 237 images

Here is your free collection to which you can add your first set of images.

Kenya 67 images

a recent photo shoot in the Massai Mara

Northumberland 20 images

Images of a very photogenic county of Northumberland

Northumberland Coast 127 images

Most of the Northumberland Coast is a designated AONB but that does not downgrade the rest of the coast

Norway/Sweden 3 images

A Winter Wonderland without doubt

Prague 20 images

Iconic images of a very photogenic town

Tyneside 47 images

Various images of Tyneside and the area around the North East

Vietnam 41 images

A collection of images throughout Vietnam