Collections by Scott McNealy

Autumn and Halloween 28 images

Celebrations of Halloween and October Rust

Berkshire, England 133 images

Photos from around Berkshire, England

British Streetscapes 499 images

Images of Streetscapes in Great Britain.

Buckinghamshire, England 70 images

Images from Buckinghamshire, England

Celebrities, Royalty and People of Note 97 images

Celebrities, Royalty and People of Note from around the world.

Central America 2 images

Images taken in Central America.

English countryside, nature and wildlife 142 images

Various images of wildlife and English scenes.

Essex 9 images

Images from Finchingfield, Braintree and Greenstead Green.

Hampshire 9 images

Images from around Hampshire, England.

Leicestershire, England 3 images

Leicestershire, England

London, England 154 images

Great events and sights taking place in London England

miscellaneous 137 images

Images of still life and other non-travel related items.

Missouri State Parks, USA 32 images

Katy Trail, Jones Confluence Point, Onadaga Cave, Graham Cave and Rock Bridge State Parks, Missouri

Oxfordshire, England 68 images

Images of Oxfordshire, England

People and Portraits 160 images

People and Portraits from various countries

Scotland 32 images

Photos from various trips to Scotland.

Suffolk England 1 image

Suffolk England

Surrey, England 11 images

Images taken in Surrey, England

Swan Upping 84 images

Swan Upping began on the River Thames in the 12th century to ensure that the swan population was maintained at a healthy level.

USA 127 images

Images from the United States of America.

Wiltshire, England 26 images

Images from Wiltshire, England

Windsor 76 images

Windsor, England including Windsor Castle and Windsor Royal Tatoo

Winter and Seasonal 17 images

Images from the Winter Holiday Season.

Worcestershire, England 6 images