Collections by David Grimwade

Abstracts/backgrounds/patterns 43 images

Images for a variety of uses

Animals, birds, etc 51 images

Living creatures, from insects upwards

Aviation, civil and military 16 images

Man-made object that fly and associated items

Boats 66 images

Ships, yachts, row boats etc. (There are also boats in other collections.)

Buildings 63 images

Architecture of all descriptions

Caribbean - at sea 12 images

Between the islands

Caribbean - Barbados 9 images

Images from the island

Caribbean - Martinique 13 images

Images from the island

Caribbean - St Kitts 14 images

Images from the island

Caribbean - St Lucia 16 images

Images from the island

Caribbean - St Maarten/St Martin 16 images

Images from the island

Caribbean - St Thomas 24 images

Images from the island

Caribbean/Bahamas - Half Moon Cay 16 images

Images from the island

First Streetscape Collection 100 images

Food and Drink 29 images

Eating and drinking

Historic Collection, general, 1 100 images

The starting place

Historic Collection, general, 2 13 images

More genearal historic pictures

Historic Europe 19 images

Excluding UK

Historic Festival of Britain, 1951 11 images


Historic Israel, Jordan & Egypt 52 images

Around the Holy Land area

Historic Norfolk/Suffolk 95 images

East Anglia

Historic Southern Africa 75 images

South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe

Miscellaneous, general 110 images

The initial collection, of a variety of images, where many first appear.

Miscellaneous, people 69 images

People engaged in all sorts of activities

Panoramas 18 images

A wider view

Second Streetscape collection 10 images

Signs 42 images

Signs to help, advise, direct.

Sugarcraft 24 images

Cake decoration and sugar art

Transport, rail 34 images

Trains and tracks

Transport, road 82 images

Roads and vehicles

UK coast (and islands) 72 images

Excludes counties with their own Collection

UK Devon 24 images

A collection of images from this English county

UK Kent 16 images

Images from 'The Garden of England'

UK Norfolk Broads area 47 images

The holiday waterways of the north and south broads and the surrounding areas

UK Norfolk/Suffolk (but not the Broads area) 53 images

Images of Norfolk and Suffolk, with possibly other East Anglian images.

UK Wiltshire 43 images

Mainly canals and buildings in this county

USA Florida 27 images

Images from the Sunshine State