Collections by Alan Doyle

1930's 40's 8 images

pictures taken during the period 1936 to 1942. many taken during WW2

Abstract 11 images

pictures to like or dislike

Animals 128 images

pictures of animals. Preferably in the wild in their normal surroundings.

Food 41 images

Pictures of any foods, raw or cooked, including ingredients used in cooking

General Black & White 11 images

Pictures taken in monochrome. general subjects

General Colour 113 images

pictures taken in colour. general subjects

Macro 37 images

Close up shots of just about anything

My First Historic Collection 5 images

Shoot 2017 293 images

Bawtry shoot 2017

Stillingfleet Shoot 207 images

Stillingfleet Beat Shoot 25th January 2018