Collections by Carlos Taylor

Abstracts 6 images

A different look at everyday objects.

Aerial 9 images

Birds eye view images of cityscapes and landscapes.

Architecture 8 images

Images of modern and historic buildings and structures.

Aviation 3 images

Images of modern and historic planes.

Landscapes 10 images

Images of land and sea.

Macro 12 images

Closeup and ultra closeup images of various objects.

Monuments 2 images

Monuments for war and history.

Nature 5 images

Images of birds and animals.

Objects 6 images

Object found in general everyday life but given a new outlook through creative photography.

Panoramas 4 images

Panoramic images stitched with more than one image.

People 6 images

Images of people.

Religion 3 images

Religious artifacts and edifices.

Ships and Boats 5 images

Images of modern and historic water craft.

Sports 1 image

Images of a variety of sports.

Sunsets 9 images

Images of the setting sun and its glorious effects on the surroundings.

The Moon 2 images

Images of the heavenly body nearest to us.