Collections by David Mann

Abstracts 54 images

These images were some of the real treasure that I have come accross

Alaskan Wildlife 7 images

These were taken while I was working in Alaska durring the tourist season. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Forest 8 images

The rain forests in Alaska are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Glaciers 9 images

I wish I would have had more time!!!!!

Headshots 1 image

They always say to start with what you have

Korea 17 images

While I was teaching English

Mountain Ranges 4 images

Alaska has some of the most increadible scenery on the planet. Here some of what I found the most breathtaking

Music 6 images

To me, music is somehting that trancends all boundries - racial, cultural, economic, and ethnic.

Plants 20 images

While traveling through Alaska, I could not believe the increadible ecosystem it has to offer

Recreation 17 images

I just don't like working in an office

Religeous 14 images

A collection from around the world

Sunset, Sunrise 5 images

These photographs were taken at varioius locations while I was traveling through Alaska and Victoria Island.