Collections by Jason Sloan

Alaska 88 images

Pictures from a recent trip to Alaska with featured images mainly from Glacier Bay Park

Art 1 image

Wierd and wonderful arty photos.

Ashton Windmill 10 images

Ashton Windmill, Somerset. +51° 14' 56.44", -2° 50' 23.96"

Birmingham 9 images

Birmingham United Kingdom

Buildings 3 images

Buildings & Structures 34 images

This contains buildings and structures. Structures would be Follies, Monuments and that sort of thing.

Buildings/Structures - Religious 35 images

Gravestones, churches, religious signs etc.

Cheddar 12 images

Cheddar, famous for it's cheese and gorge. In the mendip hills in somerset, United Kingdom

Coast 40 images

Beach Shots and seaside scenes

Countryside and lanscapes 8 images

East Sussex 3 images

County of East Sussex in England

Festivals & Fayres 2 images

First Streetscape Collection 9 images

Food 17 images

Food and all things to eat or drink

Hertfordshire 1 image

Holiday & leisure 7 images

Humpback Whales 9 images

Taken by Jason Sloan Photography whilst on a trip to Alaska

India 1 image

Isle of Man 1 image

Jason Sloan's free collection 1 image

Here is a collection to which you can add your first set of images.

Kent 1 image

County of England

Landscape 10 images

Landscape Pictures

Lincolnshire 3 images

London 8 images

City of London. Capital of United Kingdom and England.

Military 6 images

Pictures of historic military

Netherlands 10 images

Pictures from the country of The Netherlands

North Yorkshire 7 images

North Yorkshire is a county of England

Northern Ireland 4 images

Oxfordshire 1 image

County of Oxfordshire, England

People 38 images

Pictures of people in unknown locations.

Plants 30 images

Trees, Flowers, bushes and weeds.

Rhyl 10 images

Pictures from Rhyl. It looks like the 1960s

Scotland 2 images

Signs & Notices 4 images

Somerset 98 images

The county of somerset in the United Kingdom this includes the unitary authorities of North Somerset & Bath and North East Somerset.

Surrey 1 image

County of Surrey in England

Towns, Cities and Streets 4 images

This is for pictures of places I am unable to locate.

Transport 18 images

Pictures of anything that flies, floats; steams or drives

Transport - Road 6 images

Wales 4 images

Principality of Wales. Part of the United Kingdom.

West Sussex 3 images

County of West Sussex in England

worcestershire 1 image

County of Worcestershire