Collections by Mike Reed

Australia 4 images

Selection of landmarks in Australia.

Buildings & Landmarks 17 images

Ancient and Modern Buildings in the UK, Churches, Castles, and Stately Homes.

Canada. 55 images

Photos of places, Landmarks, Beauty Spots, Cities and Towns in Canada

East Yorkshire. 7 images

Scenes of East Yorkshire, Places, and views.

English Castles. 8 images

Castles in the UK.

Experimental Photographs. 4 images

Photos prepared using various techniques, Lith-film, etc.

France 2008. 9 images

Small selection of images from Paris Holiday Sept.2008

Gardens & Flowers. 16 images

Garden Flowers and Plants,Statues, and Sculptures, Close ups,Garden Layouts, Stately Homes and Domestic gardens.

Holland. 31 images

Collection of Photos taken on visits to Holland.Gardens and landmarks.

Italy 56 images

Buildings,Places, and Events.

Lake District, Cumbria. 20 images

Lake District Places,Lakes, Landmarks,Churches,Scenes.

M.Reed, Bridges & Rivers. 14 images

A selection of road,rail, and other Bridges in the UK and Europe.

Mike Reed Local collection 38 images

A small collection based on Chester and the River Dee. Also Cheshire, Buildings and places of interest.

Misc.Picture Call Images. 8 images

Various images that do not fit existing collections.

Natural History U.K. 22 images

British Birds,Mammals, Insects,Wild Flowers,and Habitat.

Norfolk and Suffolk. 14 images

Collection of Village scenes,and Landmarks, in Norfolk or Suffolk.

North Yorkshire. 7 images

Places and Scenes, Landscapes from Yorkshire.

Oceans & Ships. 16 images

Marine transport, around the world.

Portugal. 5 images

Mixed selection of pictures from the Algarve region of Portugal.

Safari Nature Collection 25 images

Collection of Mammals,Birds, Reptiles,Photographed in Kenya, Africa.

Scilly Isles. 6 images

Photos taken on the various islands that make up the Scilly Isles

Scotland. 14 images

Scenes, Castles, Lakes, and Landmarks from Scotland.

Sculptures & Signs. 3 images

Ornamental Sculptures,and, Unusual Signs, and Advertisements, from around the world.

Shropshire Places. 5 images

Places of interest in Shropshire.

Sport & Action. 28 images

Varied Sports Pictures, Showing Movement and Action. Plus Subjects in Motion.

Transport,Land,Sea,Air. 11 images

Cars, Boats, Ships, and Aircraft.

United States of America. 27 images

US Holiday May/June 2011 California, Arizona, Utah, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, etc.

Wales. 36 images

Places, Lakes, Mountains, N.Wales,& Snowdonia.