Collections by Dave Tait LRPS.

Asturias and Cantabria. 203 images

Oviedo; Aviles; Llanes; Cudillero and other places of Northern Spain.

Bikes and bikers. 190 images

Cyclists. Mountain bikes. Racing bikes. Pro cyclists. Motor bikes. Quads. Motor scooters.

Butterflies and insects. 140 images

European and tropical butterflies and insects.

China countryside. 22 images

Mountain parks and villages in rural China.

China lights. 76 images

China. Chinese colour. Neon lights; buildings; light reflections on lakes or water.Bars; cafes exteriors/interiors

China modern. 96 images

Modernity in China. High rise apartments, high impact advertising, shopping malls, cars, buses, trains, electrical products, fashion, tourism, named goods, high end products, marketing.

China wheels. 117 images

The wheel in China. Found everywhere on carts; wheelbarrows; bicycles; tricycles; mopeds; scooters; motor cycles. A combination of old and modern. A colour mix of drab and garish.

China. Changsha. 38 images

A few images from the streets and markets of Changsha. Featuring the huge West lake complex at Changsha in Hunan Province. One of the biggest restaurants in the world, employing a staff of 1000 and having seating for 5000 diners.

China. Fuzhou West Lake. 66 images

One of the premier attractions of Fuzhou is the West Lake. A place for leisure; music; boating; exercise; meetings; walking; games; boating.

China. Fuzhou. 209 images

People and places and events in and around Fuzhou. Fujian Province. PRC.

China. Fuzhou. Three Lanes Seven Alleys. 156 images

A huge project of rebuilding an area of cultural importance in Fuzhou. ( Sanfan Qixiang ) Three lanes Seven Alleys dates back to the Ming dynasty and is now a major tourist attraction of Fuzhou.

China. Guangxi province 161 images

Yangshuo; the Li Jiang; Karst limestone peaks; people; boats; farmers; fishermen; rice terraces; ethnic groups; lifestyle; architecturel traditional dress. The Yulong river; bamboo rafts; rafting.

China. Guangzhou. 162 images

Images from everyday life in the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong province. PRC.

China. Hakka roundhouses and Tulou. 35 images

The unique roundhouse dwellings of the Hakka ethnic group in Fujian province.

China. Jimei. Fujian. 208 images

Jimei is part of the Chinese mainland that is connected by bridges to the island of Xiamen in Fujian province. Jimei boasts wonderful parks and gardens, and is home to annual dragon boat races. Dragonboat action; racing.

China. Kunming. Yunnan. 75 images

Images from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province. China.

China. Old Fuzhou. 256 images

Some of the older buildings still to be seen in Fuzhou. Fujian province. These dwellings are a part of Chinese history. Long may they continue to survive.

China. Quanzhou. 52 images

Images from Quanzhou in Fujian Privince. PRC. Formerly known as Quemoy.

China. Shanghai. 32 images

Architecture in Shanghai. China.

China. Shao wu. 95 images

Images from in and around the small city of Shao wu in North Fujian province. PRC.

China. Sichuan Province. Chengdu. 215 images

Temples; parks; gardens; people; porcelain; architecture; food; art; calligraphy; customs; culture; musicians; traditional dress; Chinese lifestyle; religion; transport.

China. Sichuan temples and monks. 68 images

Temples and monks from Sichuan Province.

China. Xiamen and Fujian province. 183 images

The island of Xiamen and Fujian Province. It's people; places; architecture; customs; festivals and culture; parks; gardens; lakes; temples; Gulang Yu; food; boats.

China. Xiamen. Gulang Yu. 82 images

The tourist island of Gulang Yu which lies just offshore on Xiamen. PRC.

China. Xiamen. Nanputo temple. 42 images

Nanputo temple. Temple and temple surroundings of Nanputo or South Puto temple in Xiamen.

Chinese festivals 223 images

Various images of Chinese festivals'

Chinese food and drink. 199 images

The food and drink of China captured often in the street or in market stalls.

Chinese medical matters. 82 images

Chinese traditional medicine; plus standard medical methods. Chinese medical students from Fujian Medical University in Fuzhou. Plus, inside a Chinese hospital.

Chinese opera. 63 images

Characters from Chinese opera performances.Kings; Queens; heroes; villains; romance; broken hearts; soldiers.

Chinese schools and kids. 121 images

Pictures of Chinese kids and schoolchildren doing sports and at play or on outings.

Chinese sports and athletics. 260 images

Chinese athletics; cycling; biking; marathon; 10,000 metres; 5,000 metres; Xiamen International Marathon 2008; Chinese; Ethiopian; Kenyan; top flight; Beijing; fun runners; amateur runners; marathon course; first aid; water stations; drink stations; liquids; spectators; Xiaman; Fujian; China; PRC; Beijing Olympics. Beach volley ball. China women's team possibles, team selections. National Chanpionships.

Ducks.Swans. Geese. Feathered. 213 images

Ducks. Swans. Geese. In flight or in water. Feathered creatures.

Duoyishu Yuanyang county. Yunnan. 56 images

Daily life in Duoyishu. Yuanyang county. Yunnan.

ESL students. 21 images

Students learning English as a second language at colleges; language centers and middle schools.

Flowers. 186 images

Flowers and artwork.

Gloucester. 23 images

Images of people and places in and around Gloucestershire.

Hong Kong. 98 images

Architecture; streets; signs; shops; traffic; boats; ferries; harbour in Hong Kong.

Laomeng market. Yunnan 51 images

The colours and variety at Laomeng market in Yunnan.

Pandas. 63 images

The giant Panda. An endangered species but flourishing in captivity thanks to hard work in the Panda Breeding and Research Institute. Sichuan. China.

People and places. Spain. 172 images

Images of places; people; marinas; boats; customs; religion; culture; festivals; architecture; transport; food; costumes.

Phones and cameras. 66 images

People talking or taking pictures on mobile phones or photographing with cameras or tablets. All ages, indicating the growth of modern communication and photography.

Ronda. Andalucia. 34 images

Ronda in Andalucia. Cliff side dwellings, spectacular views.

Rowing,Kayaks and canoes. 102 images

Rowing,Kayaks and canoes. Rowing eights; canoe and kayak races; On water; movement; action.

Spanish architecture and art. 249 images

The architecture of Spain. Cathedrals and churches; abstract or modern, ancient or plain.

Spanish festivals and parades. 88 images

The people of Spain celebrating festivals.

Streetscape portfolio. 39 images

Showing the sights to be found in the older areas of various places, before the bulldozer flattens it all.

Thailand. Ayutthaya and Bang Pa In. 37 images

People; places, palaces and temples at Ayutthaya and Bang Pa In.

Thailand. Chiang Mai 174 images

Buddhist temples and the night market plus other sites at Chiang Mai, North Thailand.

Various 15 images

Images that defy classification

Yuanyang market days. 77 images

The hustle and bustle of market day in Yuanyang county. Yunnan. Featuring images of the Hani and Yi ethnic minority groups as buy and sell their produce.

Yunnan rice terraces. 32 images

Rice terraces in Yuanyang County probably the most famous rice terraces in the world.