Collections by Erik Strodl

Aircraft (military) 26 images

a collection of pictures from airshows with modern aircraft

Automobiles 19 images

past and present

Boats 17 images

from cobbles to clippers

British armed forces 9 images

armed forces work in both World Wars

Castles & Ruins 27 images

Castles and historic sites in England

Churches and religious buildings 12 images

Digital Art 17 images

photography in the form of art or drawing form created digitally

Flora & Fauna 27 images

flowers/shrubs and plants

Geordie Heritage collection 35 images

heritage from the North East portrayed in an artistic way

Great North Run 2015 7 images

competitors at the North's biggest race

Humour 26 images

photographs that make you smile

Industrial constructions bridges & viaducts 6 images

Interior 39 images

a selection of pictures to show interior design or decor

ITALY-Sorrento-Amalfi Coast 8 images

Lake District Panoramas 13 images

stunning views of the Lake District National Park

Lakes & Mountains (Italy) 24 images

stunning scenery from the Italian lakes & mountains

Landscape 105 images

various landscape scenes in Colour or Mono

Machinery (industry) 36 images

machinery and gadgets from industry

Machinery (technology) 8 images

Maritime & lighthouses 5 images

Modern Architecture 19 images

late 20th Century Architecture & 21st Century

Music related 49 images

Musicians and instruments

Outer Space 5 images

galaxy, planets. space station

Paintings & sculptures 16 images

Art work including drawings and etchings from around the world

Panoramic 34 images

a collection of wider angle images

People 118 images

portraits,candids of various people

People (USA) 69 images

A collection of photographs from LOC, by Government officials.....many faded and damaged. Photos have been extensively and beautifully restored bringing them back to life. The photographs are part of a restoration project.

People at work 55 images

shots of people in work environment

Pickering War Weekend 41 images

A market town steps back to the 1940's when the bulldog spirit epitomised our troops and families of the wartime period

Places (USA) 41 images

LOC collection many by Govt officials. extensively restored to bring them back to life

Post war (late 40's & 50's) 3 images

pre war (world war 2) 6 images

Public Houses 5 images

Railways & rail preservation 62 images

everything to do with the golden age of steam

Residential buildings 22 images

Dwellings habited

Sci-Fi 6 images

weird creatures and robots

Scottish tourism 18 images

collection of Scottish towns, glens and fishing villages

Sculptures 14 images

modern art in various materials

Special FX 21 images

a collection of common objects with some special effects applied

Sport 38 images

A selection of pictures from various sporting action

Sports related 11 images

teams or moments from sport

Still Life 24 images

A collection of everyday objects

Suffragette movement 8 images

right to vote for women both England & USA

Texture & Shape 5 images

geometric patterns and shapes

the 1960's 8 images

a look back in time at one of the best decades

Titanic & Olympic 33 images

photos and documents relating to Titanic and its demise + its related ship Olympic

Towns 16 images

photographs from differents towns of England

Transport 7 images

Modern travel

Transport 13 images

transport from a bygone eras

Travel (Girona) 7 images

Architecture and sights of Girona

Travel (Malta) 31 images

scenes from the mediterranean island

Trucks and traction 6 images

USA Transport 14 images

Late Victorian to early 20th Century transport across a number of states in America

Victorian Life 44 images

a collection of photographs depicting life in Victorian times;includes Transport,buildings,interiors

War torn England (WWI & WWII) 25 images

People who gave time to the war effort and the aftermath of both world wars. Old pictures carefully restored

Wartime posters 10 images

posters that were published during the war years to encourage people to join up or save money

Weather 30 images

a collection of weather pics...mostly bad weather