Collections by Jon Lees

Agriculture and Construction 39 images

images from the farming and construction industries

Buildings and structures 62 images

Buildings, manmade structures etc

Dragonflies and damselflies 42 images

Dublin Streetscape Collection 7 images

English Streetscapes 2 images

Food, Kitchen and picture calls 37 images

home stuff

frogs, newts, lizards etc 14 images

freshwater creatures, amphibians,

Invertebrates 64 images

bugs, spiders etc

Jon Lees 91 images

Mainly wild birds, from UK and Ireland

Jon Lees UNESCO Nature 2017 13 images

Jon's Marine Images 30 images

UK/Irish Marine wildlife

Jon's other stuff 57 images

all sorts of everything

Loosely Identified Flying Objects 51 images

aircraft, planes, gliders and mechanical deviced designed to take flight.

Malta 2 images

Maltese streetscapes

Maritime, Marine, Ships and Boating 40 images

shipping and other marine/freshwater boating equipment

Military history 20 images

displays and reenactment

Model Railways 13 images

My model railway is still very much under construction, here are a few shots

Northern Ireland Streetscapes 3 images

Ulster's roads and townscapes

other woodland and garden birds 21 images

woodland birds garden birds

pets and domestic animals 44 images

cute furry beasts

Pyrex collection 6 images

glassware uses

scottish streetscape 4 images

Signage, street furniture, lighting etc 21 images

various stuff seen when out and about

Sport 7 images

Sports, sporting events etc

Streetscapes Ireland 6 images

outside the main cities

technology 16 images

gear, gadgets, and hi-tec stuff

tools and hand held equipment 12 images

Transport 38 images

trucks, trains & automobiles - historic vehicles, planes and boats in the other collections

Vintage vehicles 31 images

classic or historic vintage vehicles, cars, lorries, trucks and agricultural.

Wildflowers, flowers, trees & lower plants 82 images

British/Irish Wild flowers, fungi, garden stuff etc

Zoo 17 images

animals taken at zoo establishments