Collections by Annie Haycock

Alps 25 images

Pictures taken during a long summer of Alpine walking

Annie's free collection 37 images

Here is a collection to which you can add your first set of images.

Birds 77 images

Photos of birds from around the world (ultimately)

Birds of Prey 45 images

Birds of prey, excluding owls

British wild flowers 186 images

Pictures of wildflowers and other plants taken in Britain

Fungi 23 images

Photos of British fungi and other non-flowering plants

Garden 8 images

Cultivated plants and other things in my garden

Herptiles 9 images

Reptiles and Amphibians

Invertebrates 89 images

Butterflies, moths, and anything else with six legs (more or less)

Mammals 39 images

wild and domesticated

Mediterranean 167 images

Pictures taken during trips to Greece, Crete, Mallorca, Spain etc.

Owls 95 images

Photos of owls, including some of captive birds

Pembrokeshire 26 images

Scenes from my county

Scotland 4 images

Landscapes and other Scottish pictures, mostly taken while on trips with

Sri Lanka 95 images

Wildlife and National Parks in Sri Lanka, January 2006

Trees 77 images

Pictures of trees, woodlands and anything related.