Collections by Howard Mellowes

Boston 19 images

Boston, MA, in July 2009 and Feb 2011

Brighton April 2009 13 images

Deckchairs, Fishing Boats, and the Pier

California 62 images

San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego. Many more available - please ask.

Canada 48 images

In and around Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto

Docklands 15 images

London's Docklands and East End

Germany 2011-12 1 image

Berlin & Munich

London 136 images

Various Pictures of London, some well known landmarks, some more obscure ones.

New England 11 images

Plymouth, Connecticut Coast, Mystic

North Yorkshire 2011-12 40 images

Yorkshire Coast and Towns

Northumberland 58 images

Coast, Castles, etc.

Oxford 8 images

Various Dates

Scotland 12 images

Edinburgh and other places. More photos available on request

Switzerland 2006 40 images

Mainly Bernese Oberland, mostly in Summer. Many more available on request

Switzerland 2007 33 images

Bernese Oberland and Geneva in Summer, Zurich in Winter. Many more available - please ask!

Switzerland 2009-2012 37 images

Geneva, Bernese Oberland, Zurich, etc. Mostly Summer, some spring in Geneva. Many more available on request

Washington DC 26 images

Sites & Monuments in Washington DC

West Of England Easter 2009 35 images

Bath, Wells, Portishead, Glastonbury, etc. More available on request.