Collections by Lesley Macbeth

Big Cats 34 images

Getting close up and personal with lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, snow leopards, pumas

Finland 20 images

Karelian Countryside

FL Requests 1 image

Images uploaded specific to FL Requests

Flower - Agapanthus 1 image

Creative Agapanthus Images

Fungi 16 images

Toadstool and Mushrooms found in Autumn

Greece 7 images

Athens Olympic Stadium, OAKA, Delphi,

Greenland 17 images

Images from Illulissat March 2008

Liverpool Waterfront 21 images

Images of Albert Docks, The Three Graces, Riverside Walk with Night scenes and sunset

Russia 41 images

Images from Karelia, Solovetski and the White Sea

Sri Lanka 21 images

Images from Ancient Sites and National parks taken December 2004.

Trees in Autumn 16 images

Trees, leaves and seeds in Autumn shades.

Trees, Art and Snow 14 images

Artistic Images captured in Karelia and Finnish Lapland