• Ye Flying Horse, Nottingham.

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    Architecture buildings ancient pub public house 1483 Grade II listed Cheepside Nottingham Nottinghamshire England UK wood carvings small paned windows emblem symbol historic history hospital December stock image stock photo
    The Flying Horse Inn is a former public house in Nottingham. It was established around 1483. It is a Grade II listed building. It stands upon the site of the house which the Plumptre family erected for themselves when they first came to Nottingham in the 13th century. The first information of "The Flying Horse," is from 1400 when John de Plumtre founded Plumptre Hospital. The property forming the endowment included the oldest portion of The Flying Horse in The Poultry. In the 18th century it was called the "Travellers Inn".[2] The Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade met in 1791 at the Flying Horse Inn.[3] In 1799 "The Flying Horse " was in the possession of one William Rowbotham. The house was described as being at the Hen Cross. In 1813, a great dinner was held to celebrate victory over Napoleon I. A figure of Napoleon had been brought from London by coach, and this was burned in the Market Place amidst scenes of excitement and rejoicing. By 1818, the owner was Robert Mackley. In 1826 the rent was £63 a year. The building was in bad condition and scarcely habitable. After repair the rent increased to £100 a year. In 1832 Jane Clark occupied The Inn. It was heavily restored in 1935. It survived as a public house until the 1989, when it was converting into a shop. It is now at the entrance to the Flying Horse Walk shopping mall.
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