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    folly tower circular 1863 Prince of Wales marriage Alexandra of Denmark Hartshead Manchester moors England UK stock image stock photo
    This photograph is not skewed. The tower leans. A folly tower standing on Hartshead Pike above Greater Manchester. Hartshead, on the northeastern periphery of Manchester near Mossley, has a short tower on a big hill. It serves well as an eyecatcher, in the distance looking like a nipple caught by surprise. Closer to, it looks more like a sharpened pencil stub, with the lantern at the top taking the lead role. All the windows and the door have now been bricked up, and the fat little tower has a perceptible and worrying backwards tilt. It is at least the third tower on the site; only the plaque remains of the previous occupant: Look well at Me Before you Go And see you Nothing at Me Throw This Pike was rebuilt by Publick Donations Anno Domini 1751 What better reason for its reconstruction than the Prince of Wales? marriage to Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 ?and to restore the ancient landmark of Hartshead Pike?? Originally the tower was to have been 85 feet high, but lack of money or stamina prevented completion so the edifice was declared finished as it stood and capped off with a conical roof. The architect was John Eaton.
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