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    The historic town of Whitby, currently a fishing port and popular tourist destination, has had a diverse and influential past. Situated on the North East coast of England, in the district of North Yorkshire, Whitby snugly straddles the mouth of the river Esk facing out into the inimitable North sea. An eclectic mix of picturesque fisherman's cottages, storied Georgian town houses, cobbled streets, nooks and snickets, Whitby has a lot to offer its visitors; whether they are lured by the town's rich history, unique beauty, tourist attractions and amusements Whitby can't fail to satisfy. In its youth Whitby played a central role in the creation and power structure of the early Church in the Middle Ages and has since grown and been shaped by advances in mining, shipping and commerce. Its unique rugged beauty where the cliffs meet the North sea and the quaint atmosphere found along the cobbled and eclectic streets has ensured Whitby's ability to inspire artists and authors, past and present alike and earnt the town a special place in the hearts of both residents and visitors
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