• Timna National Park Israel

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    Timna national park Israel King Solomon's mines Copper mining World's earliest mine .6000 years ago Land of Edom Red sandstone syrio African rift the great rift valley red sea desert the arava .Israel Holy land Queen of Sheba Eilat stock image stock photo
    red and copper tinged rock formations The Egyptians discovered copper ore as early as the 5th millennium BCE,and began the world’s first copper production center in Timna valley. The remains the Egyptians and others left provided for the most extensive example of early mining of any kind in history.The Egyptians established a trade route through Timna Valley as the surrounding areas heard about the copper-rich area. At the same time the Midianites from the northwestern Arabian Peninsula and local Amalekites began mining alongside the Egyptians. Mining continued by the Israelites and Nabateans through the Roman period and the 1st and 2nd centuries CE, and then by the Ummayads from the Arabian Peninsula after the Arab conquest (in the 7th century CE) until the copper ore became scarce.[2] Timna Valley was also home to the beginning of the technological revolution, when people started using metal in daily life. Egyptians used metal chisels and hoes to mine and made tubular shafts with footholds in the walls to move down as far as 30 meters to reach the copper, all revolutionary methods for the time.
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