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    Seagull gray white eye black red legs South Island New Zealand bird birds scavengers fish eaters grey gray white feathers wing tips red bill beak
    Red-billed gulls are predominantly coastal in distribution and are rather more common and widespread in the North Island than in the South. In the adult the plumage of the back and wings is pearly grey and the wing tips are mainly black, the two outermost flight feathers each having a broad white band near their tips. Feet and eyelids are blood red like the bill.The black-backed gull is the most widely distributed. The bill of the adult is yellow with a red spot near the tip of the lower mandible, and the legs and feet are yellowish green. First-year birds have a black bill, dark-brown feet, and a mottled dark-brown and white plumage. Full adult plumage of black above and white below takes three years to develop. Nesting colonies of the black-back may be found on shingle banks, sand dunes, rocks, or even tussock grasslands, and they may be close to the sea edge, well up rivers, or occasionally on inland mountain sides.
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