• Mount Etna from Greek Theater

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    Greek Roman Theater at TaorminaThe Theatre in Taormina is the second-largest in Sicily after the one in Siracusa.All the Romans did later, in accordance with their well-known ostentatious nature, was enlarge the theater as it was very small. And it apparently took decades to build. It is fifty metres wide, one hundred and twenty metres long and twenty metres high, which means that about 100, 000 cubic metres of stone had to be removed. Further evidence that the Theater is of Greek origin is in the well-cut blocks of Taormina stone (similar to marble) below the scene of the Theater; these are a typical example of the ancient Greek building technique. The theater is divided into three main sections: the scene, the orchestra and the cavea.The scene is opposite the cavea and is obviously where the actors used to perform. Greek Theatres Taormina Sicily scena columnsSeen from Santuario "Madonna della Rocca" there is now a large ten-metre long portion missing in the centre of the scene, supposedly caused by attacks during the wars.This serious damage to the theatre makes it nevertheless even more evocative due to the magnificent panorama (the bay of Naxos and Mount Etna) which can now be seen ruins travel visit Italy heritage Architecture views niches Romans wings festival
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