• Pryor Mountain Wild Horses Mustangs

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    The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range The first of its kind, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range 1968 to protect America's spirit of the West, the wild mustang. Located south of Billings, Montana, on the western side of the Bighorn Canyon, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range is home to 120 wild mustangs.The wild mustangs a variety of colors, a unique feature that is exhibited by Spanish horses. Dun, blue roan, grulla, and sabino are some of the intense colors displayed by Pryors. Dramatic and primitive markings are also distinctive of Pryors: golden duns are creased by a dark dorsal stripe, zebra-like stripes are found on the legs and shoulders of some, while others have brightly contrasting primitive markings. extremely remote area. The north high in elevation and is covered with pine and fir. The southern portion is made up by a dry, high desert environment with colorful geologic formations. The elevation is of the range is 8, 700 feet. The mountain tops typically get 20 inches of a rain per year while the lower elevations get 5-6 inches per year. summers, the Pryors stay high in the hills. In the winters they are forced by the snow to come down to the lowlands. The rough terrain that the Pryors have lived in for generations a tough and hardy species; rob weaver;
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