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    Your journey will start at the Uncle Tom's Trailhead located on the South Rim Drive in Canyon Country. When you get there, make sure to pick up a Yellowstone Association Canyon pamphlet which will be located in a heavy metal box in the parking lot. If the box is empty, you can try any of the other parking lots. The requested donation is 25 cents and it is worth it. Proceed to the north and you will find the trailhead and a good view of the canyon. There will be a lot of people here. Head east on the South Rim Trail. If you want a diversion, you can go down the 300 steps on Uncle Tom's Trail into the canyon to get some good views of the lower falls.The crowds at Uncle Tom's will quickly dissolve due to the undulating terrain which will discourage those with less ambition. The view to the east is dazzling but as you move further away from lower falls, make sure to look back to the west of the ever improving views. It is about 1-3/4 miles to Artist point heading east. The solitude of the trail is quickly shattered by the bustle of the Artist Point parking lot. Follow the northern side of the parking lot east and you will come to a wide trail with swarms of people -- don't despair, true solitude is not far away! You need to stop at Artist's Point and look west back at the lower falls of Yellowstone Canyon. Uncle Toms Trail South Rim Trail Brink of Lower falls sheer cliffs
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