• Route 34 - Trail Ridge Road Rocky Mountain

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    Trail Ridge Road provides spectacular view of the majestic scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. It is the highest continuous motorway in the United States, with more than eight miles lying above 11, 000' and a maximum elevation of 12, 183'. The name "Trail Ridge Road" derives from it proximity to historic pathways used by native peoples to cross the Rocky Mountains. Trail Ridge Road was designed to replace Fall River Road, which proved inadequate for modern motor travel as soon as it opened in 1920. Trail Ridge Road was designed to have more gentle grades, broader curves, and a greater variety of scenic experiences. The sunny, ridge-top location would also reduce snow accumulations and allow Trail Ridge Road to open earlier then its shady, snow-laden predecessor. Trail Ridge Road was constructed between 1926 and 1932 through the collaborative efforts of the National Park Service and the Bureau of Public roads (now the Federal Highway Administration). Construction Crews had to contend with imposing terrain, harsh weather, short working seasons and stringent design criteria, which were intended to ensure that the road would "lie lightly on the land" displaying the region's rich scenic diversity with minimal impact on the natural environment. Trail Ridge Road opened in July 1932, providing motorists with access to impressive, views, memorable wildlife viewing opportunities and spectacular high mountain Terrain.frozen lake Alpine
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