• Wind River Canyon Cambrian age rocks

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    The Wind River flows through the beautiful Wind River Canyon on U.S. Highway 20 just south of Thermopolis. The canyon walls reach 2500 feet into the sky at many points throughout this beautiful drive. As you travel you will see sphinx-like shapes of rocks a thousand feet above the bed of the river. There are castle formations and waterfalls that tumble out of the rock formed canyon sides. Look in the crevices for formations of perpetual ice and snow, which endure the summers heat. Highway 20 through the Wind River Canyon is the major southern entry into the Big Horn Basin. The canyon is 12 miles long. Its cliffs rise to hights in excess of 2000 feet. Prior to the completion of the railroad in 1913 and the highway in 1924, southern access to the Big Horn Basin was extremely difficult. Jim Bridger scouted a trail to the east over the Owl Creek mountains near present day Lysite.The Wind River Canyon is a showcase for the geologist. Its towering walls reveal formation for each major era of the earth's formational development. Interpretive signs will be seen throughout the canyon. In addition to being a connecting link between the Northern and Southern parts of Wyoming, the Wind River Canyon highway furnishes the traveller with one of the most beautiful and thrilling scenes of the Rocky Mountains.
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