• Speed camera sabotaged

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    Speed camera Arson sabotaged gatso fire damaged Captain Gatso MAD IPSV3118 IPSV3117 IPSV0612 stock image stock photo
    Many arson attacks have been carried out by The anti-camera group Motorists Against Detection (MAD) Campaigns director at MAD, known as Captain Gatso, has said the group would continue attacking cameras which, they believe, make roads more dangerous. The group, set up in 2000, has destroyed more than 1, 000 cameras and claims to have caused £20 million of damage. There are over 4, 000 fixed Gatso speed cameras currently in use by police forces and local authorities across the UK, accounting for 90% of all fixed speed cameras. The Gatso which uses radar technology, is used for fixed speed cameras, in-car mobile units, on tripods and can even be used from moving vehicles. Fixed Gatso speed cameras are rear facing. This is so the cameras 'flash' does not blind oncoming motorists. Unfortunately, this also means the cameras are not always viewable until the last second (as pictured above). The cost of installing a Gatso speed camera is approximately £20, 000, but can cost as much as £40, 000 if located in a rural location, as the system requires a 240v power supply. The fixed Gatso camera has the ability to take up to 400 pictures. Cameras in that are located in busy areas or are particularly hidden, often only last a few hours before the film runs out, soon recouping the £20, 000-£40, 000 price tag. Gatso speed cameras can also identify between cars/vans and HGVs separately.
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